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The Guttmacher Institute envisions a future in which all people can realize their rights and access the resources they need to achieve sexual and reproductive health.

This vision is aligned with a progressive and evidence-based definition of SRHR, grounded in human rights, which holds that sexual and reproductive health is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity but a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in all aspects of sexuality and reproduction.

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The Guttmacher Institute pledges to help build the scientific infrastructure necessary to advance equitable, evidence-based family planning policies and programs worldwide, by carrying out timely research that is responsive to the express needs of in-country and global stakeholders. The Institute further commits to strategically disseminate evidence to key decision-makers and other stakeholders and to carry out evidence-based advocacy with the intention of bringing about reforms that expand access to family planning and related SRH services.

Guttmacher Institute Commitment Narratives

  • Research and highlight inequities in family planning services.
  • Investigate specific needs of adolescents and reproductive justice.
  • Assess short-term health benefits and long-term social and economic impacts of family planning.
  • Provide data on cost savings and investments needed for family planning.
  • Monitor and estimate unintended pregnancy and abortion rates globally.
  • Produce new estimates of unintended pregnancy and abortion rates at various levels.
  • Generate country-specific evidence on unintended pregnancy and abortion.
  • Update family planning needs, costs, and impact estimates.
  • Publish analyses on the impact of international family planning funding.
  • Produce subnational estimates in FP2030 countries.
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