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Abarundikazi Period Movement

The Abarundikazi Period Movement is a youth-led non-profit organization in Burundi that started operating in May 2019 and strives to end PERIOD POVERTY and improve the living conditions of women and young girls.

In Burundi, topics related to sexual and reproductive health are taboo and many girls suffer from a lack of sanitary napkins and are often absent from school and fail. It is no wonder that the majority of girls do not finish school. They are often forced to prostitute themselves with several men just to earn a single sanitary napkin. Not knowing their menstrual cycles or contraceptive methods, they get pregnant at a young age. Abarundikazi Period Movement is dedicated to finding a solution to this problem.

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In Burundi, the use of contraceptive methods remains very limited because there are many prejudices related to it. Abarundikazi Period Movement‘s commitment focuses on training and education.

Abarundikazi Period Movement Commitment Narratives

  • Contraceptive use in Burundi is limited due to prejudices.
  • Organization is committed to training and education on sexual and reproductive health, with a focus on family planning (FP).
  • Sensitization is conducted in schools and communities.
  • Goal is to reach 80% of primary and secondary schools and train community health workers to relay information.
  • Sexual and reproductive health topics are taboo in Burundi, leading to a lack of sanitary napkins and school absences.
  • Majority of girls do not finish school and may resort to prostitution to earn sanitary napkins.
  • Abarundikazi Period Movement produces and distributes washable and reusable sanitary pads to vulnerable girls in schools.
  • Communities are taught how to make reusable and washable sanitary pads to address menstrual insecurity.
  • Organization uses a significant amount of financial resources.
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