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PME Working Group

The Performance Monitoring and Evidence Working Group (PME WG) is a platform for collaboration and discussion that brings together the foremost leaders, thinkers, and practitioners in family planning measurement. Apply now to join the PME WG or to become an Early Career Fellow.

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The PME Working Group:

Provides technical advice and support for monitoring progress towards FP2030 goals

Promotes the use of data for decision-making

Contributes to the improvement and understanding of quantitative measures and evidence in key dimensions of family planning, including the FP2030 Measurement Framework

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FP2030's Measurement Report

Informed by Insights from the PME Working Group

With this year’s FP2030 Measurement Report, we can now assess trends in contraceptive use over a full decade of data.

One fact emerges clearly:

Even in the face of COVID-19, which has caused enormous disruptions to health systems, women are demanding and using modern contraception in ever greater numbers, in every region, despite every obstacle.

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