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Asociación Benéfica Prisma

Prisma was founded in 1986 by a group of multidisciplinary professionals who were motivated to reverse the high rates of chronic child malnutrition in Peru and the risk factors associated with it. Prisma's field of intervention has expanded in the past 30 years to include diverse focus areas across Latin America and Africa, including sexual and reproductive health services, and is supported through partnerships with central government, regional and local governments, international entities, academic institutions, civil societies, organized communities, and private companies.

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At A Glance

Prisma has successfully strengthened service delivery strategies across Peru and improved the management of supplies and drugs related to sexual and reproductive health.

Regionally, Prisma has provided technical assistance to the Ministries of Health of the Latin American countries to support their supply management systems of sexual and reproductive health supplies and medicines and reduced the supply gaps in health care establishments.


Asociación Benéfica Prisma Commitment Narratives

  • Provide necessary support to the Ministry of Health in consolidating family planning activity programming.
  • Strengthen service delivery strategies to the population in Peru.
  • Improve the logistics management of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) supplies and medications in Peru.
  • Increase the prevalence of modern contraceptive use in Peru.
  • Provide technical assistance to Ministries of Health in Latin American countries.
  • Strengthen supply management systems for SRH supplies and medications in Latin American countries.
  • Reduce supply gaps in healthcare facilities in Latin American countries.
  • Ensure that 80% of Peru’s regions adequately program their family planning activities.
  • Ensure that 80% of healthcare facilities at the regional level in Peru maintain adequate levels of modern contraceptive supply.
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