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By 2030, Blue Ventures is committed to improving access to rights-based family planning services by providing technical and capacity-building support, as well as sub-grants.

Blue Ventures believes that gender equality is about more than just empowering women. The organization proactively engages men in discussions about gender norms and works within local structures to increase female representation in decision-making.

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Blue Ventures aims to increase the number of people accessing family planning services in seven countries from 672,100 to 1,536,000 and increase the number of service delivery points offering family planning services from 1,192 to 1700 by 2030.

Blue Ventures Commitment Narratives

  • In India, we plan to expand support to improve access to 60,000 people by providing technical and capacity building support, as well as subgrants, to our in-country partner.
  • In Indonesia, in line with the country’s national health strategy, we plan to expand our partnership with 5 local organizations to support more than 10,000 people in accessing FP services. To achieve this, we will provide technical capacities and shared resources with partners.
  • In Mozambique, we plan to reach about 50,000 people with FP services through financial, technical and capacity building support to existing as well as new partners.
    In Kenya, we are hoping to kick-off a partnership in 2022 with one of our key partners and the MOH to improve access to FP services for about 21,000 vulnerable people in the South Coast. By 2030, in line with the Country’s FP 2030 commitment, we hope to have scaled access to FP services to about 50,000 people, through supporting the Ministry of Health in capacity building and offering technical and financial support.
  • In Madagascar, we hope to increase the number of FP service delivery points to
    about 1,500, reaching about 1,000,000 people.
  • In Tanzania, we hope to integrate H-E services and improve access to FP for the 395,000 people by 2030.
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