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In 2017, the government of Chad launched a new national family planning strategy, which aims to increase the modern contraceptive prevalence rate (mCPR) from 6.9% in 2014 to 22% by 2021.

The strategy includes a range of interventions to increase demand for and access to family planning, such as increasing the number of trained health workers, improving the availability of contraceptive supplies, and increasing community awareness and engagement. Chad has also made commitments to increase domestic funding for family planning and to prioritize family planning within its health sector.

Commitments made to:


By 2030, all Chadians and refugees who have found asylum in Chad will have access to family planning services at any time and anywhere, and exercise their sexual and reproductive health rights through a system resilient and equitable health system, with the full participation of the community for sustainable development.

Chad Commitment Objectives

  • Strengthen the institutional anchoring of sexual and reproductive health coordination by revitalizing the SRMNIAN-GFF platform and ensuring the implementation of family planning documents and standards.
  • Increase the contraceptive prevalence rate from 8.1% to 20%.
  • Make quality reproductive health/family planning information and services available and accessible to adolescents and young people through the establishment of safe community and school spaces.
  • Ensure the collection, processing, and analysis of quality data on family planning in order to periodically measure the progress made toward the achievement of the objectives of FP2030.
  • Create a specific national budget line for the purchase of reproductive health products including contraceptives by revising it upwards (500 to 1 billion per year).
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