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FHI 360

For more than 50 years, FHI 360 has been a global leader in advancing voluntary, rights-based contraception and family planning (FP) services so everyone can make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health (SRH).

A commitment to evidence-based and locally led solutions underpins all we do. We build strong relationships with governments, private sector actors, and civil society organizations to change FP policies, drive innovative solutions that address barriers to FP services, and increase the availability of high-quality contraceptive methods, counseling and services. We generate the evidence for solutions by conducting different types of research, including clinical, implementation and behavioral research, and we work with local partners to apply that evidence to policies and programs.

Commitments made to:


FHI 360 advances equity, health, and well-being through data-driven, locally-led solutions — so that humanity thrives.

FHI 360 Commitment Narratives

  • Advance the research and development of at least three new contraceptive options.
  • Facilitate expanded method choice including supporting introduction and wide availability of at least two contraceptive methods.
  • Support the development, adoption and implementation of self care approaches, including digital options, in at least three countries.
  • Strengthen the measurement and monitoring of equity within FP programs in at least three countries.
  • Offer high quality integrated services and advance FP as part of integrated development in at least three countries.
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