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Guinea's commitment to FP2030 and its national family planning program indicates a strong dedication to improving access to family planning services and reducing maternal mortality and morbidity associated with unintended pregnancies.

As part of this commitment, Guinea seeks to address the social and cultural barriers that prevent women and girls from accessing family planning, and to strengthen the country's health system to ensure that family planning services are integrated into primary healthcare. To support these efforts, Guinea has increased its domestic investment in family planning, and has also received support from international donors and organizations.

Commitments made to:


By 2030, the government seeks to have a Guinea where the entire population, including adolescents and young people, is in good health and enjoys socio-economic well-being through universal access to affordable and quality family planning services.

Guinea Commitment Objectives

  • Increase in modern contraceptive prevalence rate (MCPR) among women, including adolescents and young people.

  • Securing FP products at the national level.

  • Reduction of financial barriers to accessing services Family planning (FP).

  • Ensure continuity of FP services in humanitarian crisis situations.

  • Increase state funding for the purchase of FP products.

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