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Jeune Leader Transformationnel

Jeune Leader Transformationnel believes in improving access and use of ASRH services depends on the systems put in place in the PPS and also on the environment in which adolescents and youth are.

So it would be very interesting to create the demand, to share good information to adolescents and youth in order to change behaviors to remove socio-cultural barriers, to change also the perception of parents of services to bring them to understand the importance of guiding their children to services, finally to protect their health.

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Jeune Leader Transformationnel commits to advocate to mobilize funds to increase access to FP/YRH information, products, and services for adolescents and youth among economic, political, and religious decision makers.

Jeune Leader Transformationnel Commitment Narratives

  • Advocate for increased funding: Mobilize funds from economic, political, and religious decision makers to enhance access to family planning (FP) and youth reproductive health (YRH) information, products, and services for adolescents and youth.
  • Reach a wide audience: Ensure that the advocacy efforts reach as many adolescents and youth as possible, including those from diverse economic, political, and religious backgrounds.
  • Behavior change: Share accurate and relevant information with adolescents and youth to promote behavior change, such as removing socio-cultural barriers and promoting positive attitudes towards FP/YRH services.
  • Parental involvement: Change the perception of parents and caregivers regarding the importance of guiding their children towards FP/YRH services and foster their understanding of the benefits of such services in protecting the health of adolescents and youth.
  • Strengthen the political, legal, and institutional environment: Work towards creating a favorable environment for adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH) by strengthening the political, legal, and institutional frameworks that support access to FP/RH services.
  • Availability of youth-friendly products and services: Advocate for the availability of free FP/RHSS commodities and services in all health centers and establish youth-friendly listening centers where adolescents and youth can access the necessary information and services.
  • Adaptation to young people’s needs: Ensure that the youth-friendly products and services, such as condoms, are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of adolescents and youth, considering factors like usability, affordability, and dual protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies.
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