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Across the decades, Jhpiego has led pioneering work in permanent and long-acting reversible contraception, including testing and advocating for task-sharing/shifting, and smart advocacy to accelerate FP policy and program objectives.

Their technical expertise and strong relationships with governments position them to collaboratively advance FP2030 goals and further progress toward the global goal of zero unmet contraceptive needs among all persons, including adolescents and young people.

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At A Glance

Jhpiego is committed to a future that allows all individuals, no matter their age and/or where they live, to make informed and voluntary decisions on the use of modern contraception.

Jhpiego Commitment Narratives

  • Support the introduction and scale-up of new and underutilized contraceptive methods in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Strengthen country capacity for DMPA-SC self-injection in West African countries and Pakistan.
  • Accelerate scale-up of implants in multiple countries.
  • Support the introduction and scale-up of hormonal IUDs in Nigeria, Rwanda, and other countries.
  • Address sociocultural and gender barriers to the provision and uptake of LARCs.
  • Explore digital prompts or sociocultural cues to support the transition from LAM to other modern methods in Kenya and Rwanda.
  • Strengthen the country’s capacity for integrated and quality service delivery, including postpartum and postabortion family planning.
  • Promote a rights-based approach to safe conception and voluntary contraception counseling within HIV programs.
  • Improve the quality of FP care for young people, people with disabilities, and marginalized populations.
  • Incorporate user insights, including from young people, to provide client-centered contraceptive and FP services.
  • Advance digital health and frontier solutions to expand access to quality contraceptive and FP services.
  • Strengthen the capacity of youth-led organizations for gender transformative programming in FP.
  • Strengthen the capacity of local governments in East Africa for evidence-based solutions to expand access to contraceptive and FP services for young people.
  • Engage the private sector and shape the market to expand access to quality FP services.
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