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What is included in a government commitment?

The information below includes best practices for crafting a government commitment, but we encourage you to adapt these proposed processes to fit your country’s unique relationships and circumstances.

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Describe the changes your country hopes to bring the population with this commitment by 2030, focusing on women and girls.

Tools & Resources
Commitment Objectives

Commitment Objectives

Define key benchmarks in the process to reach your goals and vision while aligning with
the partnership’s
five focus areas.

key considerations
Accountability Approach

Accountability Approach

Describe how your government will work to ensure sustained and transparent progress towards commitment objectives.

how it works

Governments are responsible for country commitments, but they can’t do it alone.

women and girls

Civil society, including youth-led organizations, are key to supporting commitment development, implementation, accountability and monitoring.

The FP2030 Support Network and our technical partners are here to support your country’s development and implementation of a successful commitment.

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