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Mauritania has taken steps to increase the availability of family planning commodities and has worked to improve supply chain management systems to ensure that contraceptives are available and accessible throughout the country.

Mauritania has developed a national family planning strategy that focuses on increasing access to family planning services, improving the quality of care, and strengthening the health system's capacity to deliver these services. The strategy includes a range of interventions, such as expanding the range of contraceptive methods available, increasing the availability of family planning information and education, and strengthening the capacity of health providers to deliver high-quality family planning services.

Commitments made to:


By 2030, the leaders of Mauritania envision a country where all women and adolescents and newlyweds have equitable and sustainable access to quality Sexual and Reproductive Health Services including Family Planning/Birth Spacing and guaranteeing access to information and freedom of choice of contraceptive methods.

Mauritania Commitment Objectives

  • Increase the Modern Contraceptive Prevalence Rate.
  • Strengthen the integrated distribution circuit of reproductive maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health and nutrition (RMNCIA-N) products, including contraceptives, in order to make them available until the last mile.
  • Create an enabling environment for the promotion of Family Planning.
  • Strengthen sexual rights and family planning (SR/FP) services adapted to the needs of adolescents and young people.
  • Sustain and strengthen a permanent budget line for the purchase of reproductive health (RH) products.
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