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Movimiento Manuela Ramos

The Manuela Ramos Movement is a Peruvian feminist organization that has been working since 1978 for the rights of women in Peru. For more than 40 years they have been walking in demand of equal conditions for all people.

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By 2025, Manuela Ramos will have trained at least 300 young women as activists in the Feminist volunteer program.

Movimiento Manuela Ramos Commitment Narratives

  • Teaching Comprehensive Sexual Education: Movimiento Manuela Ramos will provide comprehensive sexual education to approximately 1,500 adolescents annually in 16 schools in Lima, Ayacucho, and Ucayali regions. The initiative aims to empower adolescents to make informed decisions and reduce teenage pregnancies.
  • Improving Reproductive Health Services: Movimiento Manuela Ramos aims to improve sexual and reproductive health services by training healthcare providers and establishing two well-equipped health facilities in each region by 2025, serving around 4,800 women.
  • Empowering Advocates: Movimiento Manuela Ramos is training 300 young women through its Feminist Volunteer Program to become advocates for sexual and reproductive rights. These leaders will work with national organizations to promote the right to autonomous decisions in sexual and reproductive matters.
  • Informing Diverse Women: Movimiento Manuela Ramos commits to informing 4,800 women from diverse backgrounds about their sexual and reproductive rights. This involves collaborating with community organizations and feminist groups to push for gender equality and better public services tailored to women’s needs.
  • Global Partnerships and Accountability: Manuela Ramos Movement partners with FP2030 Alliance to secure funding and promote sexual and reproductive health and rights. It also conducts annual self-assessments for transparency and progress.
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