FP2030 announces Asia and the Pacific Hub to be located in Kuala Lumpur

September 23, 2022

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FP2030 Special Edition

FP2030 Special Edition


FP2030 names Dr. Sheila M...

FP2030 names Dr. Sheila M...



Building 2030

FP2030 is pleased to announce the Asia and the Pacific FP2030 Regional Hub will be located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, hosted by the International Planned Parenthood Federation East and South East Asia & Oceania Region (IPPF ESEAOR). This is the fourth FP2030 Regional Hub, preceded by the North America and Europe Hub in Washington DC, the East and Southern Africa Hub in Nairobi, Kenya, and the North, West and Central Africa Hub in Abuja, Nigeria, part of the ongoing transition from a single secretariat office in the United States to a global support structure. We’re delighted to see these hubs come onboard and begin building their staffs and regional networks.

IPPF ESEAOR was chosen as the host organization of the Asia and the Pacific Hub by a selection of regionally diverse multi-sectoral stakeholders reporting to the FP2030 Governing Board. IPPF ESEAOR has deep connections in the region, and is centrally located to enable the hub to serve partners across the region. We believe IPPF ESEAOR will optimize FP2030’s ability to deliver strategic and timely support to countries related to commitments, localization, accountability, and expansion of the family planning movement in the region, due to their expertise and longstanding partnerships.

“Thanks to our member associations across Asia and the Pacific, we’ve been active for 70 years,” said Kate Gilmore, Chair, Board of Trustees, IPPF. “On behalf of IPPF globally, we are honored and privileged to host the FP2030 Asia & the Pacific Hub.”

“Our vision for this partnership is to bring the spotlight back to how important and crucial having access to information and contraceptives is for women,” added Tomoko Fukuda, Regional Director for IPPF ESEAOR.

Launching the Asia and the Pacific Hub is a critical next step in building the FP2030 Global Support Network, a structure designed to ensure greater support, collaboration and country-led direction to the partnership. You can learn more about the work of the different hubs here, and share this news on social media here.   We hope to announce the last regional hub in the Latin America & Caribbean region in the first quarter of 2023.

Map of FP2030 Hubs

The new FP2030 partnership is the result of careful work planning and consultation with stakeholders all over the world.

“We’re keeping the best of FP2020 — the convening power of the partnership, the collaborative platforms, the dedication to high-quality data and evidence, the unswerving commitment to the rights and needs of women and girls — while embracing changes that emphasize country leadership, inclusion, equity, transparency, and mutual accountability,” said Dr. Samukeliso Dube, FP2030 Executive Director.

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