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Pathfinder International

As a global health organization with locally led, community-driven programs, Pathfinder International supports women to make their own reproductive health decisions.

Pathfinder International is driven by the conviction that all people, regardless of where they live, have the right to decide whether and when to have children, to exist free from fear and stigma, and to lead the lives they choose.

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Pathfinder International commits to advancing SRHR through policy change & resource mobilization; transforming social and gender norms to support agency and informed choice; advancing their focus and understanding of equity, autonomy, and agency for SRHR through monitoring, evaluation, and learning; advancing contraceptive use by everyone who wants it, with a focus on young people; and advancing sustainable access to quality contraception through health systems strengthening.


Pathfinder International Commitment Narratives

  • Advocate for policies supporting access to and implementation of family planning and reproductive health services.
  • Work towards the removal of restrictive policies that limit access to FP/RH services in 17 countries of operation.
  • Strengthen capacities of local civil society organizations (CSOs) on advocacy for an enabling policy environment for FP.
  • Provide training on the SMART advocacy approach and mechanisms for social accountability for equitable FP/RH services.
  • Collaborate with local coalitions to increase unrestricted funding for SRHR in multilateral and bilateral agencies.
  • Advocate for domestic resources for FP in at least five countries.
  • Create enabling social norms that support agency and informed decision-making in sexual and reproductive lives.
  • Deliver rights-based, gender-equitable, and gender-affirming programs for adolescents and women.
  • Address harmful norms and practices such as early and forced marriage and gender-based violence.
  • Promote positive norms like keeping girls in school and engaging men and boys as supportive partners in contraceptive use.
  • Meaningfully engage young people in planning, implementation, and evaluation of youth-related programs.
  • Engage young people in addressing their needs beyond contraceptive services.
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