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South Africa

South Africa

The government of South Africa has made a commitment to prioritize family planning services and strengthen them, with a focus on dual protection.

In 2012, the country revised its contraception and fertility policy to address various issues related to contraception within a human rights context. The new policy ensures that a full range of family planning methods are made available at public health facilities. South Africa aims to target teenagers, given the high rates of teenage pregnancies, and implement a school health program for girls to provide information on reproductive health rights.

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At A Glance

The South African government committed to strengthening its family planning programs, service delivery, and policies in 2012. The government pledged to prioritize the strengthening of family planning services while emphasizing dual protection and to develop standard operating procedures for community health workers to best promote family planning

South Africa Commitment Objectives

  • Strengthen family planning services to ensure widespread access and improved quality of care throughout South Africa.
  • Emphasize the importance of using both contraception and measures to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to ensure dual protection.
  • Develop and implement standardized operating procedures for community health workers, clinic nurses, and midwives to effectively promote and provide family planning services.
  • Targets the teenage population through tailored interventions and comprehensive reproductive health education to reduce the rates of teenage pregnancies.
  • Launch a comprehensive school health program, particularly for girls, to provide information on reproductive health rights, family planning, contraception, and safe sexual practices.
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