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South Sudan

South Sudan's commitment to FP2030 includes increasing the availability of contraceptives, improving family planning services, and increasing funding for family planning programs.

South Sudan's government has developed a national policy framework for family planning and reproductive health, which provides guidance for implementing and scaling up family planning programs. The government has also established a national reproductive health commodities security committee to coordinate the procurement and distribution of contraceptives.

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By the end of 2030, South Sudan’s family planning vision is to attain 20% Contraceptive Prevalence Rate for modern contraceptives for all women with family planning placed at the center of national development to harness the Demographic Dividend and also ensure the Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of Women and Girls are attained.

South Sudan Commitment Objectives

  1. Empowering Women and Girls: The Sudanese government commits to prioritizing family planning in national development to achieve a 20% Contraceptive Prevalence Rate by 2030, empowering women and girls to exercise their sexual reproductive health and rights.
  2. Investing in Health: The Sudanese government has committed to increasing the health sector budget allocation from 2% to 12% by 2030, which includes a specific allocation of 3% for family planning and reproductive health commodities by 2025.
  3. Universal Access: Every health facility and community will provide unobstructed access to youth-responsive sexual reproductive health and contraceptive information by 2026, ensuring that adolescents and youth can make informed choices.
  4. Data-Driven Progress: The Sudanese government will institutionalize the collection, analysis, and dissemination of disaggregated data, including information on adolescents and young people, by 2023. This data-driven approach will guide their monitoring and evaluation efforts.
  5. Inclusive Policies: The Sudanese government commits to creating inclusive policies that uphold rights-based principles and cater to marginalized populations, including conflict-displaced individuals, refugees, and nomadic pastoralists by 2026.
  6. Tackling Harmful Practices: Through innovative, diverse, and participatory approaches, the Sudanese government pledges to reduce harmful practices such as child marriages by 20% and teenage pregnancies to 11%, ensuring a safer environment for our youth.
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