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The Philippines

The Philippines

The Philippines has made commitments to achieve specific objectives in the areas of policy, programming, and financing for family planning (FP) from 2021 to 2030.

These commitments aim to ensure equitable access to quality and affordable healthcare services, including FP, for all Filipinos, with a focus on the poor, vulnerable, and underserved populations.

Commitments made to:


The country’s vision is that by the end of 2030, all Filipinos will enjoy a healthy and productive life and be empowered to make informed decisions related family planning and reproductive health and rights.

The Philippines Commitment Objectives

  • Fully implement the Universal Health Care (UHC) and Reproductive Health (RH) laws to provide affordable and quality FP services for all Filipinos, with a focus on vulnerable populations.
  • Integrate FP services with other healthcare programs, improve supply chain management, expand service coverage through community-based distribution, and raise awareness through communication campaigns.
  • Allocate a minimum of US$20 million annually to domestic funding for FP, covering commodity security, system strengthening, service provision, and capacity-building.
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