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Touch the Heart Uganda

According to the UNFPA 2017, adolescents in Uganda face many sexual and reproductive health risks stemming from early, unprotected, and unwanted sexual activity.

Touch the Heart Uganda commits to create more awareness on family planning among adolescents on the importance of using family planning methods, the varieties of the methods and usage according to preference and health, as well as linking them to service providers.

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Touch the Heart Uganda works to awaken a gender sensitive and justice era where equal opportunities are available for all.


Touch the Heart Uganda Commitment Narratives

  • Increase awareness and understanding of family planning among adolescents in Uganda, emphasizing the importance of using contraception and seeking guidance from healthcare providers.
  • Provide comprehensive sexuality education to adolescents, addressing topics such as safe sex, contraceptive methods, and reproductive health.
  • Improve access to accessible, affordable, and appropriate contraception for adolescents, both in health facilities and within communities.
  • Highlight the social and economic benefits of family planning to motivate adolescents and expand their knowledge on the subject.
  • Establish partnerships with community stakeholders, including CSOs, private sector organizations, journalism outlets, and non-profits, to advocate for government support, financing, and accountability mechanisms for family planning.
  • Engage policymakers at the national level, including Parliament, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Gender and Social Development, Kampala Capital City Authority, and District Officers, to ensure the accessibility of family planning commodities.
  • Utilize the support and involvement of youth members of Parliament and the National Youth Council office of the vice chairperson to drive government support and accountability for family planning.
  • Create a comprehensive database of service providers offering family planning services and establish referral systems to ensure young people can access the services they need.
  • Monitor and track the services provided to young people reached through awareness campaigns and ensure the availability of a variety of family planning commodities.
  • Achieve an increase in modern Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (mCPR) to at least 40% in the community areas of implementation.
  • Empower approximately 3,000 young people with accurate knowledge about family planning methods, preferences, accessibility, and nearest service points within a five-year period.
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