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Zambia aims to build on its achievements in FP and align its strategies with global and regional commitments to harness the demographic dividend for adolescents, young women, and women.

The country has developed an Integrated Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan (2021-2026) to reposition FP as a factor in national development

Commitments made to:


By the end of 2030, Zambia envisions a country where all citizens enjoy their sexual and reproductive health rights, make informed choices on sexual and reproductive health, and have access to high-quality contraceptives, information, and services on voluntary family planning.

Zambia Commitment Objectives

  • Commit to spending US$12,000,000 in 2023 for Family Planning programming in Zambia, with an annual increase of 30% thereafter.
  • Support the generation and utilization of data for decision-making and improvement of Family Planning programming.
  • Transform social and gender norms to ensure that a woman or adolescent girl’s decision to use modern contraception is supported and accepted by 2030.
  • Provide an enabling environment for rights-based Family Planning and Sexual and Reproductive Health (FP/SRH) service delivery for all adolescents and young people, aiming to reduce teenage pregnancy from 29.2% to 25% by 2026.
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