Adolescent and Youth Strategy Launch ICPD 30 Global Youth Dialogue Conference, Cotonou-Benin

May 10, 2024

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Interfaith Workshop in Si...

Interfaith Workshop in Si...

Source:FP2030 North, West, and Central Africa Hub


Adolescents & Youth

By Justin Ngong, Communication Officer, FP2030 North, West, and Central Africa Hub

With very high spirits from the commencement of the Global Youth Dialogue ICPD30 conference in Benin, FP2030 launched its Adolescent and Youth Strategy. The strategy is a document committed to advocating for a global consensus on increasing adolescent and youth access to sexual and reproductive health and family planning services. This strategy is built on five key pillars which serve as an action plan in its operationalization. 

  1. Showcasing high-impact service delivery models, will serve FP2030 and partners opportunities and channels to identify, disseminate, and advocate for innovative service delivery models tailored to adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and right's
  2. Prioritizing adolescents and youth in country commitments, programs, and policies to ensure adolescents and youth receive priority in global, regional, and national sexual and reproductive health, and family planning programs and policies.
  3. Data-driven decision making, with data as a key informant to policies and programs in sexual and reproductive health and family planning. FP2030 promotes innovative data collection models, analysis, and utilization of informed policies and initiatives.
  4. Championing youth leadership for young people in advocacy, accountability, and youth-inclusive programming.
  5. Building allies for adolescents and youth in decision-making spaces wherein FP2030 acknowledges the commitment to invest in and support the well-being of young people. Forging alliances with various stakeholders is a great boost.

A round table discussion during the official strategy launch stressed the importance of giving young people the opportunity to have not only seats at decision-making tables, but also give them opportunity to be creative and innovative when implementing and managing youth-responsive adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and right programs. 

From government partners, to funders, to youth leaders, the adolescent and youth strategy is a game changer as it provides a comprehensive model to increase youth access to sexual reproductive health and rights and family planning services across the globe. 

With a resounding victory in the launch from the FP2030 senior leadership represented by the Managing director of the North, West, and Central Africa hub, “We’re open to the world to dialogue with stakeholders to collectively operationalize this strategy to increase access to sexual and reproductive health practices across the globe.” Dr. Martin Migombano 

FP2030 commits to ensuring that adolescents and youth are equipped to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, supported by a dynamic and responsive ecosystem that prioritizes their needs and rights.

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