Merck for Mothers Official Update

September 24, 2015

FP2030 Updates


WHO Official Update

WHO Official Update


Mali FP2020 Commitment

Mali FP2020 Commitment

Source:Merck for Mothers



In August 2015, Merck for Mothers shared an update on progress in achieving its commitments to FP2020.

  • Since last reported, the Informed Push Model in Senegal has been scaled nationally to over 1,300 health facilities in all 14 regions of the country, ensuring reliable access to modern contraceptives for over 32 million women.
  • To date, Merck for Mothers has expanded reliable access to modern contraceptives to nearly 280,000 women across three states: Jharkhand, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Merck for Mothers is also partnering with the Population Council in Kenya to develop a mobile phone-based platform for women to select a family planning method of their choice, refer her to a nearby facility that offers her selection and follows up with her to rate the quality of care she received.
  • The Merck for Mothers Global Giving Program was designed to amplify the reach of the Merck for Mothers initiative and engage MSD offices around the world by supporting local projects to improve maternal health and access to family planning. In Indonesia. Merck for Mothers has partnered with Project Hope across four factories to reach nearly 8,000 women about family planning and maternal health, connect them to workplace-based health services, and link them to external health services.
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