Kyrgyz Republic National Costed Implementation Plan for Family Planning

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National Costed Implementation Plan (hereinafter referred to as CIP) for family planning is a policy document reflecting the country’s needs for reproductive health services and is intended for enhancing the role of public sector and consolidation of country efforts and investments of partners in family planning programs.

The goal of CIP is to formulate the national priorities, identify the resources and guide the implementation of FP programs on national and local levels in order to attain the expected results. CIP is a roadmap for all stakeholders (Government, Ministry of Health, development partners, civil society and private sector). It reflects the priority intervention areas for family planning programs. CIP is aligned with goals of FP2020 and includes costed implementation plan to ensure that the Government and partners could understand it and make their contribution into budget requirements of family planning programs over the next five years.

Thus, CIP serves as the tool for ensuring mobilization of donor resources and national budget to meet government commitments in the implementation of family planning programs.

For addressing the existing problems and identification of opportunities for empowering the population in terms of family planning issues in the country, CIP for 2020-2024 focuses on six thematic areas. These are strategic management, governance and partnerships; funding and sustainability; product safety; record-keeping and reporting; provision of family planning services; creating demand; youth issues.

"О проведении технического совещания в рамках выполнения обязательств по реализации стратегии ПС-2020"

В рамках принятых обязательств глобалньой инициативы "ПС2020", взятых Министерством здравоохранениуа Кыргырзской Республики в реализации программы "Планирование Семьи 2020" (ПС2020) и для рассмотрения приверженности принятния дальнейших, обязательств ПС 2030 на правовой основе.

KyrgyzRepublic CIP

KyrgyzRepublic CIP

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