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Recap: Adolescent Responsive Services in Family Planning

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On March 16, the NextGen RH CoP, Knowledge SUCCESS, E2A, FP2030, and IBP hosted a webinar, “Adolescent Family Planning and Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Health Systems Perspective,” that explored the updated High Impact Practice (HIP) brief on Adolescent Responsive Services. Brendan Hayes, Senior Health Specialist at the Global Financing Facility; Aditi Mukherji, Policy Engagement Coordinator at the YP Foundation India; Yvan N’gadi Youth Ambassador for the Ouagadougou Partnership; and Bentoe Tehoungue, Director of the Family Health Division at the Ministry of Health in Liberia joined moderator Dr. Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli of the WHO’s Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health & Research at the WHO for a discussion on the shift to an adolescent responsive health systems approach. Gwyn Hainsworth from the Gates Foundation provided an overview of the key updates included in the HIP brief, and Dr. Meseret Zelalem and Mat. Juan Herrara Burott and Soc. Pamela Meneses Cordero from the Ministries of Health in Ethiopia and Chile, respectively, presented their country’s experiences implementing a health systems approach to AYRH.

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